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Open Call

Make Your Own Kaspale

23rd March 2023 - 30th June 2023
Offsite & on location, NCAI, Nairobi



In response to the ongoing KASPALE exhibition, we’re inviting you to make your own version of Kaspale and be a part of Kaspales ever-growing universe. This can take the form of a drawing of your own version Kaspale, or a letter to Kaspale.

Syowia Kyambi created Kaspale as a tool to intervene in difficult situations. Kaspale is a trickster character - cheeky and playful but also assertive and outspoken. They exist outside the constraints of gender and are able to shuttle back and forth in time and space. They show up, or can be called upon to speak and act in situations where speaking and acting is made difficult by the burden of personal or shared histories.

Below are some of the creations received so far:

Make Your own Kaspale by Oli
Make Your Own Kaspale_Don Handa
Make Your Own Kaspale By Barely Detailed
Make Your Own Kaspale By joie_de_vivre_13
Make Your Own Kaspale By willkksmith3
Make Your Own Kaspale By bang.ur_draws
Make Your Own Kaspale - Dennis Adwar_
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