The Gathering


NCAI OFF SITE is a platform designed to facilitate collaboration with our partners to host's exhibitions, talks and residencies beyond our gallery walls. 

NCAI OFFSITE Projects and Partnerships

NCAI is part of the Triangle Network of international arts organisation that supports artistic exchanges, residencies and knowledge sharing worldwide. Through our network of partners NCAI OFFSITE will offer residencies to both local and international artists in Kenya.

NCAI will host future editions of the Gathering. The Gathering is an artist's forum that offers African artists and art practitioners (local and diaspora) a chance to interact with each other outside of an institutional or commercial context.


The Gathering seeks to assemble artists from Africa and its diaspora with the purpose of enabling critical cross-border conversations. The inaugural Gathering saw 52 artists and art practitoners from 12 countries come together in a three day retreat in Naivasha, Kenya. In future, we aim to grow the number of artists invited and initiate a platform that can feasibly rotate in location.  

Jak princess.jpg

©Jak Katarikawe - Our Princess, Princess Bagaya


A single room presentation of figurative painting in Kenya from the 70s-90s as part of MICHAEL ARMITAGE. PARADISE EDICT 

22 May 2021 -19 September 2021
Royal Academy or Arts, London, UK

A traveling presentation opening at the Royal Academy of Arts, London, Saturday 22nd May, having been already shown at the Haus der Kunst, Munich, Germany and set to travel to NCAI, Nairobi, Kenya next.